Why PPop is a Big Deal

an empty theatre with lights turned on during nighttime

PPop will start the Pinoy version of the Hallyu Wave. PPop, as coined by fans, has been living under the shadow of OPM (Original Pinoy Music) for so long now. But I’m glad the distinction is gradually becoming widely known. And it’s about time. PPop is the subgenre of OPM that goes beyond the typical … Read more

Noche Buena Among the La Conquistada

figurines of the nativity of jesus

Christmas deeply ties former Spanish colonies on both sides of the Pacific. Noche Buena (“good night”) is the celebration of Christmas Eve that happens at midnight. Here in the Philippines, families spend time together, eat lots of good food, exchange gifts, and play parlor games within their homes during that time. Growing up, I’ve always … Read more

The Philippines is World Class

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The Philippines has always been a little bit of everything. We’re one of the biggest melting pots and it’s evident in our history. We were Austronesians first, so there’s the Southeast Asian part of our mix and it is quite evident in our culture and language. A lot of our 120-183 languages at least (to … Read more