A Quick Review of the Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 2

The bottom line of the review is this is a good tool for small items, for bikes, and for topping up, but not for inflating car tires from flat.

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Xiaomi Portable Air Compressor 2

Price: Php 1679.00 (as of Mar 2024)
Link: Lazada

This battery-powered air compressor is portable and can be used with different tires and also balls. It comes with a little bag with all the connectors you need.

I was able to use it out of the box as it was charged, but not in full. There are six modes to choose from:

  • Free Mode
  • Bicycle Mode
  • Motorcycle Mode
  • Car Mode
  • Scooter Mode
  • Ball Mode

Each mode has a psi or bar setting to select before turning on. One downside I saw with this is the units weren’t configurable, meaning if you set it to car mode it will be set to bar, instead of psi. If you choose ball mode, it’s in psi.

When I needed to top up my car tires, I needed to convert from kPa to psi to bar before I was able to use it. However, the presets were pretty much calibrated to what you probably need. And the built-in pressure sensor will shut off the compressor once you’ve achieved the pressure you’ve set.

I was able to use it with a basketball, a bike tire, and 4 car tires. From full charge, I was able to use up to 2/3 of the charge. The time to inflate was pretty quick, and it didn’t take long to fill them up.

Testing Xiaomi Air Compressor on an actual tire
Testing Xiaomi Air Compressor on a bike tire

As for noise, the compressor is fairly loud, but not as loud as my pluggable car air compressor. Rating is <80 dB at a 1m distance — probably as loud as a blender at full blast.

Take note though that for long enough usage (8-10min), the hose gets hot, so I recommend letting it cool a bit before switching to another tire.

You would need a charger as the package did not come with it. You are only provided a short USB-C cable. However, charging was fairly quick for me as I wasn’t able to exhaust the 2000mAh battery.

Bottom Line

I would not buy the Xiaomi Portable Air Compressor as the main air compressor for my car. That still falls to my trusty pluggable compressor. However, there are a lot of other uses for this especially if you have bikes and balls around. Right now, it’s not in my car but in my tool cabinet instead.

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