My List of the Best Pants Diapers in the Philippines

This post shares my selections for the best pants diapers in the Philippines (from Lazada) and why I chose them.

Disclaimer: The product links I’m sharing here are Lazada Affiliate Links and I will get a small commission from Lazada if you purchase from these links.

Best Diaper Pants At a Glance (Price Per Pc)

Here are the best diapers per size in terms of cost and quality per size (as of Feb 2024 in Lazada):

BrandSizePrice (in PHP)PiecesPrice per pc (in PHP)
Huggies Magic ComfortM138255.52
Goo.n FriendL9341267.41
Huggies Magic ComfortL536727.44
Huggies Magic ComfortXL567648.85
Huggies Magic ComfortXXL567629.14
These are the two choices per size, to offer an alternative if you don’t like the first choice. There may be changes in price depending on the promos running in Lazada.

How I Chose My Selection

The table above summarizes the best price/pc ratio using these brands. I use this list to buy our supply of diapers.

I based this on two criteria: quality and price, with price (per pc) as the priority. These brands are what I found to be of good quality in my experience — Happy, Pampers, MamyPoko, Goo.n, and Huggies (in this order).

  • Happy – Cheapest XXXL size (which I buy the most), generally the most cost-effective, and can be generally found in stores; reversible
  • Pampers – Easy second pick as this is the best-known diaper brand and easily found in stores; non-reversible (has front/back)
  • MamyPoko – Japanese quality brand, but a bit hard to find in stores; non-reversible
  • Goo.n – Another Japanese quality brand, but I only see this in S&R stores; non-reversible
  • Huggies – This competes with Pampers I see both in almost all stores, however, I find that their sizes are generally a bit smaller compared to other same-sized diapers; reversible

Why aren’t there S-size diapers?

I feel that diaper pants are more for toddlers. For S size, you are better off using tape diapers instead as it is easier to change baby nappies while they can’t roll around yet.

Why did I not pick <your brand>?

I most likely tried out your brand but I didn’t pick it because it didn’t reach my standards of build quality, price, and visibility.

  • Build Quality – meaning it shouldn’t sag, leak, or tear easily
  • Visibility – meaning it’s easy to find the brand in stores
  • Price – meaning it should not be too expensive

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve two kids, one 5 and another, 2. I’ve been the main grocery runner (and also the main diaper changer) of the family for 5 years. My firstborn *still* wear diapers even if he is already 5 years old because of his condition, so I’m partial to affordable XXXL size pants diapers until he is fully potty trained.

I’ve tried almost all of the brands I could find, except the really expensive ones. I believe that diapers should not be as expensive, as high poop frequency can make you think of how much cash you are burning (while washing your kids’ bums).

Why I Buy Diapers Online

Most of the time when I go to the grocery, I find that the brand and size I’m looking for are not available. When you buy online you have immediate feedback if an item is available. Buying online may be more expensive due to the delivery charges, but I can buy in bulk to compensate.

I also only buy at the official stores (except for Happy) as sometimes they have free delivery promos and they deliver within 48 hours. Also, I know that I only buy the genuine stuff from these stores, and I can expect no foul-ups.

Why Lazada and not Shopee?

I find Lazada has better merchant protection compared with Shopee. When buying from Shopee, usually the merchant nags you to receive the item so that their payment will be released.

Also in Lazada, my preferred mode of payment is through GCash and you can pay with your GCash without much fuss (no more inputting of MPIN, OTP) as Lazada has a direct integration with them.

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