An Easy Guide to Jollibee Parties

This post explores how to start and what to expect setting up a Jollibee Party. I also put in our personal experience in availing of one.

My daughter had her birthday party last July 29, 2023. We decided on Jollibee as they since have restarted their party packages and they provided us with good overall packages to choose from without breaking the bank.

Unlike other parties where you have to find a venue to reserve, and then need to look for suppliers for almost everything you need — from food to decorations to chairs and tables and others — this was a huge weight off our shoulders.

How I Reserved a Jollibee Party Package

The first thing I did was check the Jollibee Party website. Unlike before the pandemic when you could book from the website, now you need to contact the specific branch to be able to reserve a date.

Take note that the stores listed on the site aren’t updated and the contact numbers are also not updated at all. I tried to look for Jollibee branches in BGC and went to those branches in person.

The first branch I went to was BGC Triangle. I looked for the Jollibee Party corner, but after speaking with one of the staff, they weren’t offering Party Packages, unfortunately.

So I went to the next nearest one which was the Mind Museum branch. They were offering Party Packages so I took a look at the venue. Their party space is on the second floor, with a room that can comfortably seat around 50 people. There was also a veranda area where some guests can also sit or eat, or where you can put some extra booths if needed, like a photo booth or a face painting one.

After clearing it up with the personnel, I was able to reserve a date, pay my downpayment and get some invitations. I was able to do this a month before the celebration (so around the end of April).

What can we expect from a Jollibee Party Package?

Please take note that the prices here are quoted as this post was written.

  • Choose from 3 Party Themes
    • Jollitown Theme Park
    • Fairytale Land
    • Jollirace
  • Fixed Party Fee of Php 2500 (includes the party favors and Jollibee appearance)
  • Party Favors
    • 15 Invitations
    • 15 Hats
    • 15 Nametags
    • 15 Balloons
    • 15 Activity Mats
    • 10 Lootbags (you can buy extra for Php 70 each)
    • Game Prizes
    • Birthday Gift
  • Jollibee mascot appearance for 30 minutes (additional time is Php 1000 per hour)
  • Venue reservation for 2 hours (includes host)
  • Food packages per person
    • Bundle A (Spaghetti, Reg. Fries, Drink, Sundae) – Php 209
    • Bundle B (1pc Chicken, Spaghetti, Reg. Fries, Drink, Sundae) – Php 285
    • Bundle C (1pc Chicken, Spaghetti, Reg. Fries, Drink, Sundae, Toy) – Php 330
    • Bundle D (1pc Chicken w/ Rice, Spaghetti, Reg. Fries, Drink, Sundae) – Php 291
  • Red Ribbon cake (Optional)
    • Chocolate Dedication Cake (Regular or Large)
    • Rainbow Dedication Cake (Regular or Large)
    • Cake Toppers – Php 110

Some other things I noted:

  • It is better to take a look at the venue personally. Some things may not directly translate from pictures and can be experienced only when you’re there. Examples are: the venue being loud because it’s beside the main floor area, or maybe the number of invitees might not fit the space.
  • Another big consideration is if this Jollibee is a company or a franchise branch. Company branches generally have more leeway in parties.
    • Only Jollibee is available as a mascot for franchise branches. For company branches, you can also add more mascots (ex. Twirlie, Hetty, etc).
    • Company branches are generally more spacious and food is better as the staff is better trained.
    • Company branches get the latest technology, e.g., robots that carry your order to you, self-pay kiosks, etc.
  • You cannot get a different host or add some other acts to the party (ex. magic show, bubble shows, etc).
  • You cannot have Jollibee dance to different music aside from the predesignated one. However, you can request your choice of background music if needed. We chose SB19’s Gento as it was our daughter’s favorite.
  • You cannot cancel or lessen the food bundles once ordered, you can only order additional ones. You also cannot bring in food from outside.
  • You can serve only the Red Ribbon cake to guests; if you brought in another cake, it can only be used for display and for candle blowing.
  • Once reserved, you cannot cancel the event unless in extreme cases (like sickness).
  • You can pencil book, however, your reservation may be overwritten once the reserver pays a downpayment on your schedule.
  • The reservation time has 3 schedules per day — 10 AM-12 PM, 1-3 PM, and 4-6 PM. The staff is strict with time management especially when there is another party coming up with the next schedule.

How we celebrated our Jollibee Party and Conclusions

As add-ons to our daughter’s celebration, we also hired a photographer, bought a rosette cake, and also brought in a lot more giveaways and prizes for the kids. We also bought extra time (an hour total) for the Jollibee mascot and we were able to take advantage of our photographer getting lots of pictures with him and all of the kids.

Personally, I think photographers are worth the expense as they serve as the archivists of the event, especially if you’ve hired someone you are familiar with. As they have a very specific task, they can focus on taking pictures and you wouldn’t need to rely on your guests’ photos as mementos. They can also provide a glow-up to the attendees and will give a consistent look and feel for the photo album they will deliver after the event.

The host was able to manage the games well as he noticed the kids were generally younger and so opted to make the adults play more. They were also able to manage the food servings and everyone was able to get a meal.

A hiccup during the event was when they ran out of loot boxes. We were planning to use the loot boxes as containers for some of the food giveaways we had. As an alternative, they provided 2 kiddie toys in a Jollibee paper box per loot box missing. Another hiccup was a lot of the party favors were missing, like the party hats and the name tags. There were also no balloons at all.

In hindsight, it would have been prudent to check a day or two before whether everything is fine.

Overall, everyone had a good time and I felt that the party was worth it even with the missing party favors. The total amount I paid for our Jollibee Party Package was around Php 22000.

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